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The Holy Qur'an forms one of the basis of the Islam religion. Prophet Mohammed "peace be upon him" asked Muslims to pay attention to The Holy Qur'an by learning the Quran texts and understanding the Qur'an meaning. The Holy Qur'an consists of 114 chapters which is called a Sura. Each Surah is divided into verses.

Currently, there are many applications released in the market to facilitate the Quran memorization process. However, these applications are still limited and focus only on the direct use of technology without using more innovative techniques to help Quran memorizers to interact, memorize, understand and connect with the topics in the Quran.

The app Itqan,a mobile-based application, which is developed for helping memorizers to master their memorization skills by taking advantage of visualization techniques such as mind mapping to connect the various verses with each other and their topics, and display them in an orderly manner.