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Itqan Al-Quran

Memorize Holy Al-Quran - The word of Allah,
revealed to the beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

And much more ..

Audio Murrotals

Play audio verse by verse.
Download murrotals of top Qaari's in the world.

Cloud Sync

Your progress is asynchronously backed up to the cloud servers. So even if you logout or uninstall the app by mistake, your progress is resumed.

Fonts and Scripts

Itqan has a highly selected list of fonts compiled into its platform. With Uthmani and Simple script for Qur'an's content.

Multi-Signup Options

Your identity helps us to synchronize your progress to the cloud. Itqan makes it available for you to login seamlessly with your Gmail or Facebook account.

Last Read

Continue reading where you left off.
App automatically saves your last read ayah, avoiding you to maintain bookmarks.

Full Screen

Immersive experience for the user with Full-Screen Read option

User friendly, No In-App Purchases & Ad-Free!

App designed in a way that is easily accessible to users of any age. UI built with tutor-free design.
And best of all, the app is full premium available free, without any advertisements.

Ayah highlight

The identical part of the Ayah are highlighted, displaying which words are those that match between one to other Ayah.